(This letter was published in the November,
2000 issue of the Leatherneck Magazine.)

"Letter Of The Month"

United States Marine Corps, you did it again!
Thirteen years ago I entrusted you with my
most precious possession, my 18-year-old-son.
He was like many 18-year-olds: confused,needy,
full of energy and no place to go. The Marine
Corps became his father and friend, and six
years later you sent him back to me a man, full
of confidence, direction, skills and love of
country and Corps that will last him a lifetime.

Three months ago I kissed my beautiful,
confused and frightened 23-year-old-daughter
good-bye and sent my heart and soul to boot
camp at Parris Island, S.C., once again. You just
recently sent her home, graduated and full of
confidence, direction and love of country--
A Marine through and through.

So, to all of you in the Corps who take part in
transforming the lives of new recruits, when
the road gets long and weary you wonder if you
are making a difference, please remember this
letter with a very humble, but sincere
"thank you" for returning my children to me
even more beautiful than I gave them to you.

Carla A. Carr
Mother of Sgt James T. Carr
and PFC Katherine Carr
Thornville, Ohio